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Frequently asked questions


Do you screen drivers?

Yes.  We check references and conduct motor vehicle and criminal background screenings through a national firm that works with our insurance company.


I have signed a waiver. Now what?

You may call the office to request a ride, but please let us know at least 3 business days ahead.


May I have 2 rides in a day?

Only under exceptional circumstances.


How much does a ride cost?

There is no fee to register for rides or to receive rides.  While we don't charge for service, we do accept donations, which we use to recognize and reward our volunteers, who pay for their own gas and auto insurance.  


I use a rolling walker. May I use your service?

If you are able to fold your walker and put it into the car, you may bring your  walker with you.  You may also bring a caregiver with you to fold your walker and place it into the vehicle.  But please be sure that your caregiver or aide signs a waiver of liability form before your trip!  


Do you transport people in wheelchairs?

Sorry, no.  Our drivers use their own vehicles and most of them are not large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.  But we work closely with Paratransit, which uses small vans with wheelchair lifts.  We will be happy to provide you with information about signing up with them.  

If you are able to self-transfer in and out of a passenger vehicle, another option is to make arrangements with your docotor's office to use their wheelchair during your appointment.  We can help confirm  with your doctor that a wheelchair would be available for you during your visit. 


May my mother bring her home health aide with her?

Sure.  Our drivers will be happy for your mother's aide to accompany her on the ride.  However, the aide will also have to sign a waiver of liability ahead of time.  Just call the office for details or to obtain a waiver form.  914-764-3356.


How much does it cost to become a member?

There is no fee to register for rides or to be a volunteer. We do accept donations which we use to recognize and reward our volunteers, who pay for their own gas and insurance.


What is a FAQ?

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