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January 2014 Volunteer Recognition Tea

News from WestFair Rides
Information: Friedhilde Milburn
RYE - - WestFair Rides has awarded its top driver citation to Pam Kelly of Scarsdale, one of its most experienced and dedicated volunteer drivers. Ms. Kelly shared the spotlight with Trudy Albrecht of Scarsdale who received an Ambassador award for her dedicated volunteer driving service.
WestFair Rides Chair, Friedhilde Milburn, made the announcements during a reception to recognize and honor all WestFair Rides volunteer drivers for their service to individuals and medical organizations who welcome the close cooperation with WestFair Rides.The awards ceremony was part of an honor reception held at WESTMED offices on Theall Road in Rye.
In accepting the award, Ms. Kelly said she enjoyed her volunteer driving tasks. "For one thing, I can plan my own time. Driving is not restrictive, but very rewarding on multiple levels. And being part of WestFair Rides' Ambassador Driver program lets me provide a really important service to my friends and neighbors, and have some fun doing it. Plus I get to meet some very interesting people."
Regular riders attending the ceremony praised the comfort, confidence and individual attention provided by the volunteer drivers of WestFair Rides.
Chairman Milburn said she encouraged others who wish to become a WestFair Rides Ambassador Driver to get in touch with WestFair at or by calling 914-764-3533 for details and more information.
WestFair Rides is a non-profit public service organization serving Westchester residents over 60 years of age who no longer drive, yet urgently require rides to meet critical medical appointments.
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January 13, 2014 WestFair 0114